Partnering, Collaboration, Funding

MCED was discovered in 2006.  Eight years of research and a considerable amount of personal financial investment have yielded valuable results.  The existence of MCED has been discovered.  A test, suitable for semi-automation, has been developed which identifies and quantifies MCED as it occurs in cell microaggregates.  It has been established that sera from different individuals promotes or suppresses MCED in a variable fashion.  Our evidence points to the fact that MCED occurs by way of an energy dependent, antigenic cascade of events.  This strongly argues for the existence of one or more rational therapy targets, affording an opportunity to develop one or more preventive and therapeutic drugs.  Many other insights have also been gained.  Not all of these can be discussed here until they are protected by patent application and submitted for peer-reviewed publication. 

In order for the work to progress, assistance is critically needed in the following areas:

Research Support

  1. Funding

  2. Resources

Scientific Collaboration

  1. Clinical trials co-investigators

  2. Research and materials support

Pharmaceutical Partnering

  1. Isolation and purification of MCED factors

  2. Preventive and therapeutic drug development

Intellectual Property Assistance

  1. Filing fees and maintenance of patents

Wise Counsel

  1. Legal, scientific, and financial advice

  2. General suggestions 

At this point, we are not seeking equity, venture capital investment.  We have had considerable experience in this area while working for and with other companies in the past and we do not view this type of funding as necessarily the best way to advance MCED research at its current stage.  Grant support of some sort would be most gratefully welcomed as would foundational or individual donation.  We would consider “angel investment” under circumstances which might involve the option of future equity investment at a valuation to be determined at a later date.  A current or future licensing arrangement or option to license might also be a possibility. 

In short, we view this research as extremely important and extremely promising.  Our goal is to move it forward as quickly as possible.  We have specific ideas with respect to immediate research goals but we are open to suggestion and we would welcome ideas, scientific and business collaboration, and, most importantly, funding assistance to continue the work at hand.

New Discoveries in Cancer and Heart Disease

“Imagine a simple blood draw to diagnose persons at risk for heart attack or stroke and a daily pill to make sure it never happens.”

“Interruption of the MCED pathway may offer the most potent and specific approach to the prevention and treatment of coronary vascular disease.”